UDAF Consult Srl

Unione Italiana Distribuzione Alimenti Freschi con distribuzione su tutto il territorio italiano ed europeo


At ours  associates  we guarantee monthly visits with completely services on the structures, not to acquire the products but only distribute them. 
We demand one  annual quota, supplying communications salaries on the carried out job and the activities. 
Activation of personal e-mails. 
Personalized Web pages. 
Recording on 500 international search engines. 
Support in the contacts with the foreign country 
and other producers:

UDAF Consult Srl is born in 1999 resolving to do the scope to supply a total service in the purchase and the distribution of the fresh product in all the national territory. One first initiative was been born between september 1996 and june 1997 in order then to continue like group in 1998, but the requirement of being able to guarantee a globality of purchase and distribution in the field, globalities that the great  Multinationals could not guarantee, then two leaders, with decennial experience and coming from just from those fields, founded this society. 

All tipologies of products distributed with the chain of the cold from 0°  to +4°. 
Several tipologies of fresch products with at least 4/5 gg. of expiration. 
We offer Lines of salami in our home made in order to complete the product line. 
Inserted not perishable alimentary products also in G/d or D/o in our operating zones. 
Products only deep freeze for 2 structures. 

Treaties products: all manifactured feeding.  
Services added to you: Distribution like  platforms
   advisings and market researches.

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Speed of order and distribution.
Certifications and Guarantees of Quality on the products deals.
One fast structure  in order to guarantee contained costs. 
Agreements with distributive structures (
Preparation produced sent from the foreign country and picking.
Advisings for Companies Services to carpet on the structures with visits salaries Distribution on all the national territory within 48 hours from the order.